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Tambores. Camut Band

Lluís Méndez

Author and composer of the musical comedies "Cocktail (1987) and "Lucio Manrini" (1991). Soloist percussion dancer in "Duke Ellington en Barcelona" with the "Ellingtonians" and the "Locomotora Negra", "The Ragtime Dance" with Jordi Sabates, "Lucio Manrini" with Xavier Roger and "The Bardelona Brothers" in the "Olimpiada Cultural". He was choreographer for the National theatre of Spain (Madrid) and the National Theatre of Catalunya (Barcelona) by invitation of the director Mario Gas in the musical shows "Frank V" and "Guys and Dolls", respectively.

Camut Band. Lluís Méndez

Toni Español

After living a number of years in West Africa, Toni Español returned to Barcelona and formed the African dance and percussion group CAE MA DEILA, which brought ethnic rhythm and dance to Spain, being one of the pioneering importers of African culture. While still maintaining his commitment with his dance company, he worked as an actor with La Fura dels Baus in "Actions" and "Suz o Suz" and as a percussionist in "Tambours" with Françoise Lassus, "Circ Crac" with Tortell Poltrona, "Keatoniana" with Jordi Sabatés, "Percussion Encounters" with Jorge Sarraute.

Camut Band. Toni Español

Rafael Méndez

Author and director of the musical comedies "Cocktail" (1987) and "Barvaritats" (1997). Choreographer and percussion soloist dancer in the shows "Dancing" (prize for the best musical show in Mexico DF 1990 and Barcelona 1991), "Flor De Otoño" with Antonio Diez (Valencia), "Duke Ellington en Barcelona" with the "Ellingtonians", "The Ragtime Dance" with Jordi Sabates, "Piratas" with Dagoll Dagon, "Lucio Manrini" con Xavier Roger. He was a soloist dancer during two years in the "Lugo Taps Co" Paris (France).

Camut Band.Rafael Méndez

Guillem Alonso

Guillem Alonso has worked as a tap dancer for a number of years in the best tap companies in the United States: American Tap Dance Orchestra, Manhattan Tap, New York Tap Collective, and Los Angeles Steps Ahead. He has been the soloist dancer with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and in the show "Fire Of The Dance" touring throughout Europe. In Barcelona he created the "Barcelona Rhythm Tap", "Tap Olé" companies. He has introduced "Tap Jams" in diverse spaces of Barcelona. He has been a tap dance choreographer for the musical shows "Fama" and "Spamalot". He is one of few dancers who practise the style of dance Sand Dance, with which he has had prestige and international recognition. He travels to give habitually international courses. Nowadays he forms a part of Camut Band inside the equipment of creation and as dancer.

Camut Band. Guillem Alonso

Sharon Lavi

Percussion dancer he worked with Sara Petronio and Jimmi Slide in the "New Morning", Paris. Guest artist at South African Tap International Day in 1998. Choreographer of "Tel" (1997) and "Chicky", first award of contemporary choreography at Et Cabinet (Amsterdam 2000). Between 1999 and 2002 he has been soloist dancer of his own show "The Rhythm Conection", which has been performed around 300 times. Special Award to outstanding dancer in Israel. Ending 2001 he joins Camut Band. In 2005 he performes for the first time his spectacle with the company Tapeplas, of which he is founding.

Camut Band. Sharon Lavi

Jordi Grifell

Singer, musician, stage actor and tap dancer. He is part of Ocumé company 1996- 2002 with whom obtains "CASA 2nd Award". He takes part on the "XXVII & XXXI Barcelona Jazz Festival" editions with Taller de Músics de Badalona chorus and vocal group, with Bobby Mc Ferrin and the pianist Chick Corea. He is one of main roles in "Fama" musical, with great success since 2005 and currently peroformed all around Spain. He joined Camut Band as tap dancer on 2000 year , performing with the company in Italy, Moroco, Arabian Emirates, Belgium and Spain.

Camut Band. Jordi Grifell

Maria Bossy

Maria Bossy began her artistic career with the Anna Sànchez' dance company (1987) and with David Campos' Ballet Clàssic de Catalunya (1988). She made her television debut as a dancer and singer on TV3 in a programme directed by Salvador Alsius, "Blanc o Negre" (1987-1988), performing alongside her twin sister as "Bossy & Bossy". In 1989 Maria moved to London where she received the Best Jazz Dancer Award at London Studio Centre. She continued her career on stage in shows including "Joy to the World" (Royal Albert Hall), "West Side Story" (Wimbledon Theatre), "Moby Dick" (Piccadilly Theatre, West End) and the tap dance show "Taking a Chance on Tap" (South Bank Centre and Covent Garden Museum). Her television credits include "Opportunity Knocks" (BBC) and the IMAX 3D feature film "The Nutcracker". Currently she combines her performances with Camut Band and the vocal a capella trio Xaira.

Camut Band. Maria Bossy