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Sonoritats. Sinopsis

Sonoritats (Means Sonorities) is Camut Band's new show that enters a magic world where dancers create rhythms and music with their feet as they dance. With a capella routines, they interact with live music, creating computerised virtual sounds. Materials such as wood, metal and plastic are used throughout the show to create different sound sensations that captivate with their inventiveness. This virtual sound world interweaves with hauntingly captivating melodies written and performed on the piano by Lluís Méndez.

Sonoritats is a journey that sets out to create new sounds. Percussion from the feet of tap dancers interplays with virtual sounds and the result is harmonic, rhythmical and visually elegant. The deep sound of aluminium, the high pitch of stainless steel, the half-tone of iron all contrast with the eeriness of dancing on, believe it or not, artificial grass with the help of some digital special effects. A stunning use of sound technology transforms the sound of dancing feet into bubbling water... a stormy night. Voice forms a part of the sounds, with a singer performs a number of wordless songs to bring an added sound dimension to the show.

Sonoritats. Guillem     

Sonoritats. Press

...Sonoritats is an enjoyable and lively show that makes you want to tap your feet or clap your hands along with the rhythm...while making an effort not get up out of your seat and start to dance. Tap, percussion, and singing intertwine in an original dialogue that is entertaining for children and adults. A fun show...six dancers, two musicians and a singer, moving around in a mysterious space where wood, metal, plastic, or, simply, pumpkins are used to create sound effects...electrifying tap from the dancers...To make special mention of one of the performers would be unfair as they are all spot-on and full of nuance. The youthfulness of the dancers blends with the maturity of the Méndez brothers and Toni Español..."Carmen del Val (El País. 04/01/2014)

"...Camut Band have built a large-scale show with nine performers...live music in dialogue with percussion from the feet of the dancers. Camut Band gets it just right in choreographing in a way that brings out the best when it comes to colour and temperature...Sonoritats into new areas of tap dance and new ways of using sound...The voice of Jordi Grifell is balsamic not only in the way it manages to have a dialogue with the tap but also in how emotionally expressive it is."Jordi Bordes (El Punt Avui. 02/01/2014)

Sonoritats. Artistic Credits

  • Produced by: Kiting Kità SL
  • Co-produced by: Mercat de les Flors
  • Directed by : Camut Band
  • Original Music:Lluís Méndez
  • Musical Arrangements: Lluís Méndez, Toni Español, Jordi Grifell
  • Choreography: Rafael Méndez, Sharon Lavi, Guillem Alonso
  • Interactive Musical Devices: Jordi Grifell
  • Sound design: Pau Bosch, David Norman, Ferran Bauló
  • Lighting design: Evarist Valera (AAII)
  • Costumes: Uli Maciel
  • Photography: Ros Ribas
  • Graphic Design: Toni Ricart. TRMultistudio
Sonoritats. Rafa, Guillem, Lluís

Sonoritats. Cristina, Jordi, Estefanía

Sonoritats. Sharon, Maria, Terry

Camut Band. Sonoritats. Mercat de les flors

Camut Band. Sonoritats. Guillem Alonso. Teatre de Salt